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It would be useful if you have an initial sense of the size of your pontoon installation. It is worth thinking through numbers of people, the weight of equipment, and any need for handrails, fenders, mooring cleats etc. Do you have a feel for your likely period of hire? This information will help us give you a quick indication of price.


We will calculate a price once we have worked with you to configure the most cost effective pontoon design that satisfies your objectives. Delivery will be an important element of the cost and we will ask about access to the site to help establish exact delivery and installation costs.


Our modular pontoon system has been installed in a diverse range of applications all over the world. There will be few challenges we have not already come across! For a highly technical or complex installation, we will conduct a survey, but more typically installation is likely to be straightforward.

Site Visit

In certain circumstances it may be necessary for us to visit your site to fully understand your requirements. In most instances we will be able to draw on similar applications and aerial photography to give you an indicative quote within a very short time frame. Over 10+ years we have acquired a very good sense of how to deliver the best and most cost effective solution.


You will find us easy to work with and quick to respond. Much of the feedback we receive compliments our willingness to be flexible. We make your installation as painless as possible and we are quick to respond to changing circumstances particularly when dealing with commercial jobs that are often affected by factors outside of your control.

End of hire

At the end of the hire period, our team will dismantle the pontoon and remove it from the site. We are used to working in environmentally sensitive areas and aim to leave a 'zero footprint'.

Talk to us
Do you have a pontoon requirement in mind? Send us your details using the form below or have a quick chat with one of our experts on 01590 607104.

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