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Design and Calculations

Our pontoons have undergone extensive testing by both structural engineers and marine architects in order to ensure they are able to meet the demands placed upon them. The pontoons and ancillaries have been extensively tested giving us information on buoyancy, crush, stability, shear and tensile strength.

Structural Engineers

In some instances, however we need to go above and beyond these standard calculations to ensure the proposed configuration and layout of the pontoons will be suitable. Whether it’s ensuring the required loadings can be met, identifying the positioning of equipment and plant on the pontoon or the anchoring configuration, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In such instances we commission structural engineers to take account all factors and produce a report with their findings and recommendations.

More pontoon

We have a number of solutions to increase the buoyancy, strength and capability of our pontoons based on the recommendations of our engineers. The obvious solution is more pontoon, whether this is a bigger footprint to the pontoon as a whole or double stacking the pontoons to effectively double the overall buoyancy, both can easily be done and even partnered together.

Steel subframe

The modular makeup of our pontoons means that when significant weight is applied to the surface, they flex in order to spread the load and accommodate the weight being applied. Should significant weight need to be applied to the pontoon in a small area then we are able to install a subframe on the pontoons using steel soldier beams and reinforced deck. This significantly increases the point loading capabilities of the pontoons.

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