A Floating Wine Bar

Yes that title is correct, we really did install a floating wine bar this summer on Clapham Common and its fair to say it was a roaring success! What’s not to love? Great wine a great location and a great build.

It all started back in December of 2015 when we were approached by Iris Worldwide enquiring whether it would be possible to build a bar on our pontoons? Its fair to say we get approached fairly often with ideas such as this, whether its a bar, restaurant, a dance floor, well you get the picture. Unfortunately 9 out of 10 if not more of these ideas sadly find their way past the drawing board whether it be budget, feasibility, or even just the client choosing a different option put forward. However on this occasion and after a few months of identifying what might work and what might not, we were given the go ahead.

Campo 4 Campo 1 Campo 2 Campo 3

So who was it for and where was it?  

The campaign itself was for Campo Viejo Wine,  as part of their #SummerOfColour event and the location was Clapham Common in South West London. In total we installed over 280 square metres of pontoon comprising of a 15×15 square metre central platform with built in bar, back of house storage and all covered by a stretch tent (just in case June’s weather didn’t play ball, which it didn’t at all time). We also installed a main entrance and a back of house/emergency exit if required. The whole pontoon was decked with timber and decorated along Campo’s theme of Summer of Colour. What set it all off was as the sun dropped the lake was lit up by hundreds of multicoloured orbs floating on the water offering a unique backdrop to the whole install. 

The bar was live for 5 days from the 8th – 12th June with a capacity of 140 people at a time sampling Rioja in Red, White and Sparkling. You’ll find more photos of the install here on our Facebook page. 

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