A Motorbike, 12 x World Champion and Our Pontoons

Over the past couple of months we’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with Red Bull athlete and trials bike legend Dougie Lampkin in the lead up to and at The Cholmondeley Pageant of Power. We were asked earlier this year to build an island the 12 times World Champion could showcase his talents on at the Pageant.

Always up for a challenge and keen to put the pontoons to as many different uses as possible we were keen to help.

Would the pontoons be stable and strong enough to take a man and his bike riding around and jumping on them? We were certain they would but then again we’re not the ones having to ride the bike.

Needless to say the pontoon held up fine and the next meeting was for some promotional videos with Red Bull and a segment for The One Show with Andy Kershaw. Take a look at the clip here.

We’re pretty certain that Dougie has been asked to do some weird and wonderful things in his career but pulling wheelies around a tea party of 6 people in the middle of a lake is probably a new one on the list.

Promotion and videos done, it was time for The Pageant of Power. We constructed a platform measuring 112 square metres with what was essentially a climbing frame installed on top.

Anyone who has seen Dougie in action will know that the climbing frame is bread and butter to him. However with the pontoon anchored in the middle of the lake and his first attempt due to begin, it began to hammer it down with rain. I think even for such a legend of the sport, the idea suddenly seemed a bit daunting.

But never fear, he nailed it!

Thousands of people lined the bank watching him perform all weekend hopping all over the climbing frame and jumping from heights of 1.5 metres plus. I for one can vouch that I stood on top of the climbing frame and it was daunting enough doing that, let alone on a bike. Fair to say the guy really is a legend and one hell of a bike rider!

Take a look at our Gallery of images here.