Pontoon bridge for Ware Carnival

Bridge Replacement in a hurry!

In late June we received a call from The Environment Agency requesting our assistance with an urgent project. A busy pedestrian bridge crossing the River Lea in Ware had been declared structurally unsafe and as a result had been closed off to public use.

The issue facing The EA and regular users of the bridge was that the diversion route added almost half a kilometre to the journey of people utilising the towpath. As a result both The EA and the local authorities were coming in for considerable criticism from local users and with the incredibly busy Ware Carnival on the horizon a solution was required, quickly!

Double Stacked Pontoon Bridge

And that is where we come into this story, we undertook a next day site visit and provided our recommendations that a double stacked pontoon with Combisafe edge protection as a temporary floating bridge would be the perfect solution. The client agreed and was satisfied by all supporting documentation and we were good to go ahead with install.

Within one week of initial enquiry we had attended, a site visit, made our recommendations, undertaken calculations to assure the client of the capacity, buoyancy and stability of the pontoon and we were ready to get going with the installation.

Minimal Inconvenience

Due to the incredibly busy location from which we were going to have to unload and launch the pontoon, we mobilised our team the evening before and were ready to go onsite for 0600 in the morning. This approach ensured that pedestrians and other road users were not inconvenienced or put in harms way during unloading and install. A team of four transported all kit from our vehicles to the canal side and assembled the pontoon in location.

The completed pontoon was installed and signed off all in time for Ware Carnival and is open to the public to maintain diversion free access along the towpath until the wooden bridge is replaced.

We pride ourselves on our quick reactions and being ready to meet the demands our clients put our way. If you’re in a hurry to get a pontoon installed (or even if you’re not) give us a shout and we’d be delighted to help.

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