Christmas has come to Floating Pontoon Hire

Festive Cheer

Everyone loves a practical joke, well maybe apart from the person its being played on. Here at Floating Pontoon Hire we’re no different so when our Operations Director went on a family holiday recently we thought we’d bring a little festive cheer to the office ready for his return.

Getting  a little out of hand

What started out as a plan to wrap his desk in wrapping paper soon ‘snowballed’ if you’ll excuse the pun into the somewhat more extravagant plan of building a Christmas grotto around his desk. A great deal of teamwork went into building a structure that we’re really quite proud of, we even lined the inside with nautical charts and had a visit from Santa and his elves!¬†

How long is it up for?

He arrived back at work on Thursday morning to be met by a team of grinning elves and a lot of laughter as he discovered what we’d done. He was actually pretty impressed although he’s less impressed at our insistence it stays up until 12th night (The 5th January)!

Check out these images of the grand reveal