Crossing a canal – with no water……

Not Your Usual Pontoon Walkway

We were approached in early April by Cotswold Outdoors’ flagship store at Cotswold Water Park, South Cerney. In planning for their Spring Sale they wanted to make use of some additional land onsite. However the land was situated on the other side of an old arm of the Thames and Severn Canal.

A Lack of Water

A pontoon crossing over a canal would normally be as simple a job as we can ask for. On this occasion however we were faced with the issue that the canal has long since dried up and all that was left was approximately 6 inches of water and about a foot of silt in the bottom with a 5 foot drop from bank edge to the bottom of the ‘canal’. Not really the ideal situation for a floating pontoon, or at least you’d think.

The Solution

By stacking the pontoon modules on top of each other and utilising double length pins we were able to construct a crossing that was four pontoon blocks tall in order to fill the 5ft gap and achieve a safe crossing for all the bank holiday shoppers.

One Solid Slab

The modular make up of our pontoons allows us to build pretty much any shape size and even height of pontoon utilising double length pins and connectors it means that ultimately the whole pontoon goes from being hundreds of individual blocks into one solid slab.

Pontoon walkway Modular pontoon walkway

Yet another use for the pontoons. Check out our Facebook page for more images of the install and our website for what else we can do.