How Long?!

The Job

900 metres of floating pontoon and only 2 days to install it; January saw us faced with our biggest challenge to date and thankfully it went off without a hitch.

Back in January, Floating Pontoon Hire was approached by a customer who needed 900 square metres of pontoon to re-route a footpath for pedestrian access during work to excavate part of the tow path.

The pontoon would need to be configured into 6 separate lengths, each 100 metres long by 1.5 metres wide and would require full edge protection to be installed to make the pontoons safe for use by members of the public.

As if the sheer scale of the job wasn’t enough of a challenge, there was also the added complexity of a very tight window to install the pontoon, and a layer of inch thick ice to break through on the canal when we arrived!

The Delivery

With 6 lorries full of pontoons to unload on site, assemble on the canal and install edge protection along each side of their full 600 metres length, the only option was to flood the job with operatives. We bought along 18 team members, who worked in 3 groups to get the task completed in record time.

Floating pontoon walkways

Above is an aerial shot from the first day of installation, with three of the six 100 metre sections installed on the canal.

The End Result

At the end of the second day, we left the site with the full length of pontoon completed and safely secured to the bank ready for the client to commence their project.

Since then, the pontoons have been moved along the banks of the canal as required to track alongside the ongoing works and offer safe pedestrian access to minimise disruption throughout.

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