In Our Hometown

As previously touched upon, our pontoons can be used for a vast number of weird and wonderful applications however one of the more common requirements we are approached for is sea wall repairs.

Lymington Town Quay

That’s exactly what happened when The Environment Agency approached us a couple of weeks ago regarding the supply of a pontoon in our hometown of Lymington in order to reseal and repair the flood defences at Town Quay. As anyone who was in the vicinity of Lymington Town Quay back in February will attest to this was something that was rather in need of being done. If you weren’t out and about on that rather wet and windy night, here’s a link to a YouTube video showing the water levels.

We supplied just over 80 square metres of pontoon around the sea wall allowing the workforce access to both the seawall and the wooden flood defences above, these have all now been repainted and resealed and Lymington is safe from flooding for a few years yet.

Drone Images

We got some pretty amazing photos of the pontoon in place using our new drone as the image above shows, you can see the full gallery of images here on our Facebook page.