low bridge inspection

Low Floats

Our standard double float really is very much our go to piece of kit for most installs, they meet almost all demands we have placed upon us (and them). They’re incredibly versatile, they can be built in almost any configuration and offer a maximum load of 350kg per sqm. However with a dry height of 370mm, they can be the wrong height for what our client requires.

That was the case recently, we were approached by a client who needed to undertake some works in a culvert under a busy road in Reading. The job in question required some timber supports to be removed and replaced, however with only 1 metre of head room to work with inside the culvert each mm proved precious.

In order to maximise the room we supplied the client with our low float modules which measure 230mm in height buying the client an all important bit of extra head room. The low float still offers a maximum load of 175kg per sqm ensuring that no problems will be had when removing the heavy support beams.

If you have a job which requires access but with limited head room then get in touch, our low floats could be the answer! Give our team a call on 01590 607104 or email admin@floatingpontoonhire.co.uk