Modular Marvels

The modular nature of our floating pontoons makes them infinitely configurable and able to meet any challenge you can think of.

What do we mean by ‘modular’?

Our pontoons are made up of ‘modules’ that are just 0.5 square metres in size. These modules can be joined together, which allows not only for any size of pontoon to be built, but also means that it can easily fit into and around existing structures in any shape you like.

As well as the benefits of infinite scale and shape options, we also have a variety of module types designed for different applications:

The Mod Squad

Full modules, areModular pontoon float the core elements of many of our pontoons, providing both outstanding buoyancy and the flexibility to build any shape of pontoon to you require. These full modules also come in a double variant, which offers additional stiffness and helps to speed up build time.

Low floats, like the double variant in the picture to the right offers a lower water clearance, which can be useful for applications such as for swimmers, rowers and canoeists taking part in sporting events.

As well as the various options for the pontoon modules themselves, we can also provide a host of accessories ranging from edge protection, handrails and cleats, to lighting and even re-surfacing the pontoons with decking if required.

It all comes together

The best way to demonstrate the diverse range of applications that we are able to cater for with our modular capabilities is to show you some examples. The photographs below give a fantastic insight into a few of the projects we have worked on over the years.

If you want to find out more or chat to us about creating your own modular marvel, get in touch with us via our Pontoon Hire website or call 01590 607 104

Floating pontoons hired for a weddingPontoon supporting a diggerModular floating pontoon stageModular pontoon hire  for eventFloating pontoon used for bridge workModular pontoon work platform