No Bridge too Far……

I’m sure that when people first think of modular pontoons, it would either be associated with a small swimming platform somewhere off a Greek Island or as moorings and berthing for boats. As keen as we’d be to travel around the islands of the Mediterranean installing swimming platforms this sadly isn’t where the biggest demand is…..

That comes in the shape of access and work platforms for bridges, our modular pontoon system offers safe, secure access to the underside of bridges for repair and survey requirements. Whether it’s a small raft fitted with outboard motor allowing a couple of surveyors access to ascertain what needs doing or a much larger work platform allowing a team of workmen and all their equipment access to undertake the required works we at Floating Pontoon Hire can be of service.

This week alone we have in excess of 250 metres of pontoon on hire in North Yorkshire at two separate locations, both being used to allow stonemasons and workmen to access the underside of listed road bridges. We’re even supplying a safety boat and skipper throughout the duration of the job on one site.

We similarly have another pontoon going in near Newbury this week allowing for works on a railway bridge over a canal to take place.

With safe working loads of over 175kgs per square meter and handrails all round, contractors using our pontoons can rest assured their workforce and kit will be safe and supported throughout the duration of the job.

If we can help you with accessing a bridge or anything else for that matter, then please get in touch on 01590 607104 or email us at