Pontoon Access for Geophysical Surveying

We were recently approached by a leading environmental consultancy firm, to assist with access for  some Geophysical Surveying they were due to undertake on sludge lagoons in Birmingham. They had been contracted to investigate the makeup and stability of the lagoons and report back to Severn Trent Water.

The History

The lagoons which are essentially large landfill sites, are made up of sludge deposited in them in the first half of the 20th century following treatment at the sewage works. Over a period of 50+ years the pits have essentially turned into lagoons full of fertiliser.

Uncertain Ground Conditions

We were called in to assist as the ground conditions of the lagoons which are now largely overgrown with reeds and trees are completely unknown. There are areas which are completely solid ground, whilst other areas are completely waterlogged. The beauty of our pontoon system means that if the ground conditions were solid then it would simply follow the contours of the land and where waterlogged areas were encountered the system would float as it’s designed to.

The Build

In all we installed a 140 metre long and 2 metre wide pontoon which allowed the engineers to install their equipment and carry out the surveys in order for them to report back to Severn Trent Water. The 140 metre long walkway was installed by a team of 6 FPH crew over a period of 2 days, with the help of heavy plant and ATV’s.

Get in touch

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