Pontoons, anywhere you want them…..

Bound for the Continent

Our pontoons are pretty used to making their way around Britain’s roads and waterways but they’re more than willing to travel further afield if necessary and in fact this week they really are. We were asked by Onyx Events if we could supply some pontoons for an event they are involved with running over the next two weeks in Europe. As a result we’ve got just under 100 square metres currently making its way across Europe by lorry ready to be installed by our team this weekend.

Temporary Moorings

The pontoons are being installed in a location that at present has no way of mooring up the boats and vessels Onyx have arranged. To accommodate this we’re supplying our pontoons to build a hammerhead pier that will allow temporary mooring and access from the beach to the boats, the pontoon will be fitted with bespoke handrails for safety when walking to the boats and specially fabricated cleats will be fitted to the pontoon to allow safe mooring of all vessels.

Its a hard life, bust someone’s got to do it…….

Of course jobs like this need installing and overseeing and as a result, Dan is absolutely gutted he’s having to go spend a week on a beach in Europe to oversee the installation and use of the pontoon…………….. honest!