Pontoons for Scaffold Access

Access to bridges, buildings and walls at height, on or next to waterways can prove awkward and hard to access. How do you reach the work face both safely and easily? 

Using our pontoons you’re able to safely house scaffolding directly on the pontoons ensuring you can get to those hard to reach places. Whether you simply need a 3m x 3m platform to carry a small aluminium scaffold tower allowing one or two people to undertake survey or inspection work. Or you want a large scale installation comprising a full encapsulation of a bridge (or even a paddle steamer), our floating access platforms work for both.

We’re able to fit anchor points to the pontoon allowing your scaffold tower to be securely fixed down to the pontoon deck ensuring that your workforce are safe and secure at all times whilst working at height. We can even fit one of our Suzuki outboard motors directly to the pontoon in order to access the required location.

They say a picture paints a thousand words so without further ado here are some previous projects we’ve undertaken……

If we can help you out with a platform to house a scaffold install then get in touch – 01590 607104 – www.floatingpontoonhire.co.uk