Pontoons in the time of Corona

As we identified in our last blog, as a supplier of equipment and services to essential¬† infrastructure here at Floating Pontoon Hire we have remained open and operational during this period of lockdown and in fact we’ve actually found ourselves being pretty busy throughout, here’s what we’ve been up to on top of the ongoing hires we had from before this all kicked off.

Week 1: Completing rail access works

During the first week of lockdown we were in the final week of a job allowing access to a rail bridge in Christchurch, Dorset. The job called for us to have approximately 8 crew onsite daily, installing, breaking down and moving the pontoons and supplying safety boat provision whilst scaffold access was installed. Despite the new social distancing guidelines coming into force and being adhered to, we were able to complete the works on time and get all equipment removed from site as planned.

Week 2-3: Cleaning and Prep Work

The start of the lockdown period saw a lot of uncertainty as to who could and should continue to work and we saw a number of jobs postpone or delay whilst the new guidelines were implemented and understood by our clients. We also took advantage of this period of uncertainty to get ourselves sorted in house. We worked hard to understand what changes we needed to make to ensure that work was undertaken safely for both our crew but also our clients.

Weeks 4 – 7:

As businesses have begun to find their feet and get their heads around how to approach the new guidelines for working, we’ve found ourselves being increasingly busy providing pontoons to essential works. here’s just a snapshot of some of the works we’ve been involved in over the last 4 weeks.

  • A 6×4 metre pontoon with outboard motor and skipper for Reservoir repairs in Suffolk
  • A pontoon on the River Tyne in Gateshead whilst an old oil refinery is demolished, ensuring that no debris from the building enters the water.
  • Double stacked pontoon access across a drainage ditch and a work platform allowing repairs to take place to a rail bridge near Arundel.
  • A 20 metre long pontoon with a central moonpool and lifting gantry allowing for concrete slabs to be lifted from a reservoir bed for inspection and repair.

Week 8 onwards

Well quite frankly who knows…….. we have work scheduled in but the most iportant part is that if you need us we’ll be there supplying pontoons, safety boats and skippers, all complying with government advice of course.

Call us on 01590 607104 or drop us an email to admin@floatingpontoonhire.co.uk