Rail Access Pontoons

Two of the primary services we find ourselves supplying our pontoons for within the commercial sector are access walkways and work platforms.

Since February we have been providing both for access to Network Rail sites in Warwickshire and Derbyshire. Both locations were supplied with over 250 square meters of pontoon and our combisafe hand railing system offering maximum edge protection for those working on the pontoons. 


In Wolverhampton a Network Rail Bridge crossing over The Old Main Line of The Birmingham Canal required replacing, we were brought in to supply a working platform allowing for work to be carried out in preparation for the lifting of the old bridge and then the resulting works of tying in the new bridge after it was craned into position.

An added challenge was encountered in that the canal had to be open for 2 hours a day to keep the canal navigable and allow canal boat access. In order to accommodate this FPH built two large work platforms one on each side of the canal with a center channel for boats two brides were then installed which could be quickly removed and replaced in order to ensure as little disruption as possible to the workforce.

 Rail Bridge pontoon walkway and work platform Rail Bridge pontoon walkway and work platform

Further photos of the install can be seen on our Facebook Gallery by clicking here. 


In Derbyshire, access was required to two sides of a rail bridge either side of the River Derwent. The issue our client had was that the area is subject to heavy flooding and the land adjacent  to the bridge had essentially turned into a flood plain. Despite how the image above appears the water under the pontoons was between 2 and 3 foot deep.

FPH supplied over 300 metres of walkways and access platforms allowing the work teams direct access to the bridges ensuring all work was completed on schedule. 

Pontoon walkway Railway Bridge maintenance pontoon

Again more images of the install can be seen in our Facebook Gallery here. 

If we can be of use to you on similar projects please don’t hesitate to get in touch either on our website at floatingpontoonhire.co.uk or call us on 01590 607104.