Paddle steamer renovation

Renovating a Paddle Steamer

Head over to New Orleans in the US and you can bet your bottom dollar one of the sites on your trip will be a Mississippi Paddle Steamer. Its not however something you’d associate with a trip to a shopping centre in Essex. That is of course unless you’re at INTU Lakeside Shopping Centre where the paddle steamer is home to The Miller & Carter Steakhouse.

We were recently contacted by one of our clients who had been tasked with painting the exterior of the 3 story paddle steamer as part of an extensive renovation project.

In order to reach the upper levels of the steamer our client required scaffold installing around the full exterior of the boat. We were tasked with supplying a working pontoon to fully encapsulate the paddle steamer allowing sufficient pontoon to support a scaffold system able to reach the upper level with room to pass around the outside.

In total a little over 400sqm of pontoon was utilised to wrap the boat providing a 3 metre wide pontoon to house the scaffold and allow access to the workforce on the outside edges. The pontoon was provided with Combisafe edge protection on all exposed edges ensuring our client was able to safely install their scaffolding system and ulitimately work safe.