Rock Solid

Back in July we blogged about how our pontoons are being used for a wide range of applications and how they had been put to use as an obstacle on one of The UK’s ever increasing number of ‘obstacle races’.

Well we’ve gone and done it again, this time we were contacted by Rock Solid who currently organise two separate races, one in Exeter and one in Milton Keynes, which we were lucky enough to be asked to help out with. 

170 Square Metres

The initial brief and conversation stated that they wanted to house a staging truss system on the pontoon which would act as monkey bars  positioned over  a gap above the water, followed by a balance beam utilising old telegraph poles again with a fall into water below it. That apart from that the plan was lets see what we can make with the rest of it.

In total we used over 170 square metres of pontoon to make up the obstacle, adding on a plunge pool (just so those people who did make it along the monkey bars and balance beam did get wet) as well as something of a rickety walkway. As a rule all of our walkways start at a minimum of 1.5 metres in width however that’s when we want to ensure people stay dry, in this case people falling in the water was positively encouraged. 


Take a look at the full gallery from the day on our Facebook page by clicking here.

Next Year?

The only question now is how do we improve upon this next year? Watch out Total Wipeout we’re coming for you…….