Wedding Season

Lets be honest when we attend a wedding we’re obviously there to share in the Bride and Groom’s joyous occasion and wish them all the best, but at the same time we as humans are nosy creatures. We want to know what the bride will be wearing, what the foods going to be like and whats the venue like?

The venue is one of the most important parts of getting the wedding day perfect after all one of the lasting tangible aspects from the day are the wedding photos and you need a venue to or setting to provide that wow factor.

Pontoon hire for weddings

This summer we’ve managed to play our part in making 3 couples big days all that more special by providing our pontoons to either house the actual ceremony or host the wedding breakfast and subsequent party. Working in conjunction with marque companies and even on one occasion a mandap hire company we were able to provide our pontoon so that the marquees and the mandap could be built on the water and secured down, ensuring everyone could enjoy the occasion safely and from rather a unique perspective on the water. 

Pontoons used to create a floating wedding stage

Working with the venues we were able to deliver the pontoons without causing unnecessary disturbance to the venue or residents and left next to no trace of our ever being there after the festivities had ended hopefully other than happy memories of the day! 

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