What do you do?

A simple question, with a long answer!

I was on holiday last week and as you do, you meet new people and strike up conversations. When you meet new people in such situations, you have your set list of introductory questions in order to get things going.

  • How long you hear for?
  • Where are you from?
  • What do you do for work?

Most people make it sound fairly easy, I work in retail, I’m a mechanic, I’m a hairdresser, you get the picture. It’s a question I’ve never really found a succinct answer to.

‘I run a pontoon hire company’ generally leads to a look of bemusement and uncertainty and a rather long winded answer on my part.

So what do I do?

The simple answer is if you want something floated, we can float it for you, the options really are fairly endless! So what have we floated in the past?

  • An 8 ton excavator for dredging work – Check
  • A Marquee and Wedding for 175 people at a private estate in The Cotswolds – Check
  • A Wine Bar on a lake on Clapham Common – Check
  • Scaffold towers allowing access for bridge repairs – Check
  • A climbing frame for a World Trials Bike Champion to perform on – Check
  • Monkey Bars and Balance beams for Obstacle Course Races – Check
  • Tens of thousands of people over the course of a weekend as a bridge – Check

Like I said, if you want it floating we can float it! That being said when people ask, if you can show them a photo then it saves a lot of time.

So here’s some photos……

If you think you’ve got something we’ve not seen before go ahead and get in touch, we love a challenge!