Work on Water – Work Safe

Safety First

Each year in the UK an average 400 people drown. Given the flooding that some areas of England & Wales have seen this week its a timely reminder of just how powerful and dangerous water can be. Put simply, if you’re not careful, on or near water it can prove fatal.  Therefore when working in such environments it is vital that you treat it with respect and the correct safety measures are employed. That’s where we come in.

Ultimate Edge Protection

Our pontoons offer a stable and extremely buoyant platform from which to work on the water allowing you to undertake a multitude of tasks whether it’s one man and his paint brush or thousands of people crossing a river at a public festival. When coupled with our Combisafe edge protection system our pontoons really do offer the ultimate solution for staying safe on the water. The Combisafe system combines guardrails, toe board and debris mesh in one product. Ensuring you stay safely on our pontoon with no risk of entering the water.

Safety Boat Provision

If the work being undertaken is especially dangerous or for whatever reason edge protection is unable to be used we can provide safety boats with trained crew to be on hand throughout the duration of your works in order that should the worst happen an immediate response is on hand.

Please get in touch on 01590 607104 or via our website – if we can be of assistance.