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Flood management

With the increased prevalence of flooding, many flood management plans now involve the use of modular floating pontoon systems to provide floating walkways, bridges and safe access to key infrastructure installations such as pumping stations and power distribution plant.

Flood Relief Emergency Pontoons

Floating Pontoon Hire is able to configure a range of different platforms, walkways, docks, emergency bridges, passenger and cargo rafts and a variety of other flood relief pontoons to assist in areas hit hard by flooding.

Evacuation and Access Rafts

We have large pontoon stocks, vehicles with deep ‘wading’ capability and crews on 24 hour standby during exceptional weather. Please use our emergency 24 hour number on 07979 533722 for immediate mobilisation within the UK.

Emergency Walkways

Our systems provide cost effective and immediate assistance to the hardest hit flood areas. We have a range of shallow draft boats and crews with full protective equipment allowing us to build platforms, bridges, rafts and pontoons wherever required and whatever the subsurface conditions.

Emergency Repair Access

These emergency flood platforms are made from exactly the same modules that we use in ports, harbours and coastal installations and are strong enough to carry plant, machinery, diggers and cranes as well as large volumes of people. 

During office hours please call us on 01590 607104 and 07979 533722 out of hours.

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Flood relief access
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