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Should access at the bridge site be poor, we are able to build walkways allowing access all the way to the platform, saving time and money on land clearance. Outboard motors can also be attached to the pontoons utilising custom brackets to manoeuvre them into position from hundreds of metres away if not further.

Extremely buoyant

With safe working load capabilities in excess of 150kg per square metre, whether you have a couple of personnel working with hand tools or a crew of dozens with scaffolding rigs and machinery, you can be confident they have the best possible working platform.

Edge protection

We have a range of edge protection options. Metal Combisafe barriers provide the ultimate edge safety protection and even help prevent the loss of tools. Some clients prefer handrails and these can be fitted as required.

Tower fixing

Where scaffold towers are being used, we are able to fit mooring eyes and rings allowing equipment and structures to be securely fixed down.

Contact us

If you think your project could benefit from such a platform or you’d like more information then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01590 607104.

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Do you have a pontoon requirement in mind? Send us your details using the form below or have a quick chat with one of our experts on 01590 607104.

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