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Correct installation

Whilst engineered to be safe, strong, stable and fit for purpose, much of the skill in the formulation of a good Floating Pontoon Hire system lies in ensuring the correct installation.


Particular care is needed when installing floating pontoons in areas with strong tidal flows, significant tidal range or on rivers with strong currents. Our staff are qualified for and experienced at working in this environment.

Fixing and anchoring

Floating Pontoon Hire have a wide range of shore fixing systems to suit different locations from granite harbour walls to muddy river banks and a variety of anchoring systems including those suitable for use in sensitive areas.

Swimming pools and ornamental lakes

For public and private events we are often installing in swimming pools, ornamental lakes, and even public fountains. We have considerable experience in making these installations safe without in anyway damaging the existing infrastructure.

Zero 'footprint' removal

We are aware that our responsibility does not come to an end until the pontoon installation is recovered from site. We are very conscious of leaving a 'zero footprint'. Thus far we have had 100% customer satisfaction!

Pontoon transportation and delivery
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Floating pontoon installation
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