Pontoon Uses /Floating Scaffold Platforms

Hard to access areas

Access to bridges, buildings and walls at height on waterways can prove awkward. How do you reach the workface both safely and easily? You use one of our pontoons. Our pontoons allow you to build a scaffold tower and access platforms to exactly the right height.

Any size, any configuration

You may only need a simple 3m x 3m platform to carry a small scaffold tower allowing one or two people to undertake survey or inspection work. You may need the entire underside of a bridge decked with a full scaffold rig giving access to the whole structure. Our platforms work for both.

Access to site

Should the bridge, building or wall be some distance from easy access to the water, then we can fit the pontoons with brackets and manoeuvre them to the location with small outboard engines. This may be much cheaper than clearing access adjacent to the structure. We also have a range of small work boats for crew transfer if needed.

Safety First

Our floating work platforms are fitted with steel stanchion uprights and a range of handrail systems. For the ultimate in safety and to prevent any accidental tool loss, use our flush fitting narrow mesh steel Combisafe panels.

Anchor points

When scaffolding is required, we also fit anchor points allowing your scaffold tower to be securely fixed down to the pontoon deck ensuring that your workforce are safe and secure at all times whilst working at height.

Contact us

Our staff are CSCS trained and have commercial marine qualifications. Call us a call us on 01590 607104.

Floating platform for scaffold tower
Floating scaffold platform
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