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Floating Platform Hire

The floating pontoon hire system is the perfect solution when a floating platform is required to work safely on the water. Our system can be configured to almost any shape and size. This flexibility enables us to follow the contours of bridges, arches, platforms, harbour walls and other structures.

Typical uses

Typical uses range from small floating platforms for surveying work up to a pontoon used to provide safe working for diggers and spider cranes. Scaffold towers are frequently erected on the system and can be secured with eyebolts that we can build into the platform.

Plant and Machinery

With a safe working load of 175kg per square metre in single height configuration, or 350kg in double height configuration, even a single height pontoon of 6m x 8m will support over 8 tonnes of plant when the load is correctly spread.

Floating Platform Applications

Our floating work platforms have been used for all manner of applications. The most common use is surveying and repairing bridges, piers and water defences. Less obvious uses include cleaning super yachts, and supporting pipes on long runs to shore.

Technical Support

Please tap into our experience to work out the correct specification for your project, the plant you will be using, the work being undertaken and the job location. We will help build your risk assessments and advise on safe working practice.  

Bridge Work Platform
Floating work platform for pipe laying
Pontoon docks and walkways at Lymington
Floating work platforms
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