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The modular nature of our pontoons makes them great for accommodating drilling rigs and providing access for hard to reach sites. Single pontoon modules measure just 0.5 x 0.5m whilst double modules measure 0.5 x 1m. The modules are built up in any combination to fit virtually any space or access requirement you have. The pontoons may also be built to allow for ‘moonpools’ in the deck through which drilling rigs can operate.


Each square metre of pontoon has a recommended safe working load (SWL) of 175kg, and a maximum load of 350kg meaning that a pontoon measuring 10 x 10m would have a SWL of 17.5T assuming the load is evenly spread. We double stack the pontoon should you require a greater SWL, this effectively doubles the buoyancy being provided. In real terms this means that whether you have a couple of personnel working with hand tools or large drilling rigs with water bowsers and multiple operators, you’re safe in the knowledge that you have ample buoyancy for the job at hand.

Accessing Geotechnical sites

On hard to reach sites our pontoons offer solutions for getting you and your equipment to your required location. If your investigation is on water and you’re required to reach offshore locations, we can supply pontoons fitted with outboard motors or provide work boats ranging from 3.5m in length up to 15m cabin Ribs, all owned and operated by us. Alternatively, if your site is accessed across soft or boggy ground, the pontoons act as the perfect weight distribution system. The benefit of pontoons over track way is that if conditions do get wet, they will simply float.

Load Spreading

When undertaking drilling for Geotechnical works, it’s not just the weight of equipment housed on the pontoon which needs to be taken into consideration but also the additional force applied whilst the rig is undertaking drilling. In order to counter this and ensure that the pontoon remains as stable as possible, we can install steel form work and load spreading mats to ensure the point load being applied is spread across as much of the pontoon as possible.

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