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In the past our system has been used for:

  • Floating Stages and Bars
  • Cat Walks
  • Sign and Banner advertising
  • Bar and Lounge Areas
  • Car and Product Launches
  • private dining island experiences

Whether you want to build a large scale platform allowing hundreds of people access or simply want a smaller raft upon which to display your product and materials, we can help.

Any size and shape

Our pontoons are completely modular meaning they can be built to any specification and size. The platform is incredibly stable allowing vertical construction, should you wish to add some height to your display.


Crucially we’re able to cloak the pontoons entirely with carpet, AstroTurf, wooden decking or whatever else you may have in mind. Allowing you to completely transform your floating island visually to create the effect you are after.

Minimalist design, but heavy duty

The pontoons are specified to work regularly at loads of 175kg per square metre, with maximum loading of 350kg per square metre. The weight capacity means your marketing team won’t be restricted in terms of how they can utilise the platform.


Our expert install team will work alongside you to deliver the perfect solution for your needs and advise accordingly on all technical aspects, from load bearing to buoyancy.

Get in touch

If you have an idea that you think could benefit from being housed on water then get in touch on 01590 607104 or alternatively email us at

Talk to us
Do you have a pontoon requirement in mind? Send us your details using the form below or have a quick chat with one of our experts on 01590 607104.

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