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Shore access pontoons

Our modular pontoon system allows us to build temporary floating docks to provide berths for dozens of boats at sea, or on rivers. Walkways can be built to a length that allows boats safe draft even on very shallow sloping topography.


We are able to construct piers and jetties in pretty much any location allowing safe mooring and shore access, meaning both your boat and your passengers remain safe and dry throughout. Our pontoons can be fitted with customised cleats, fenders and handrails.


The system is secured in place using a variety of methods suitable for the exact position of the installation taking account of vessel type and weight, footfall, tidal range, exposure to wind and other factors.

Brief or semi-permanent installation

Our pontoons can be installed very quickly, a 20m by 3m pontoon complete with cleats, fenders and handrail can be finished within a couple hours. Construction and de-construction can be within 24hrs if needed. Alternatively, the pontoons can be safely left for months on end. Our expert staff will make periodic inspections to ensure the installation remains operational.

Doing it right

As a division of a major UK commercial boat operator, we understand exactly what’s required for maritime installations. Our anchoring and rigging systems are deployed to deal with tides and strong winds whilst presenting no risk of prop fouling.

Talk to us
Do you have a pontoon requirement in mind? Send us your details using the form below or have a quick chat with one of our experts on 01590 607104.

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