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Growing sport

In the UK alone participation in triathlons has seen an increase of over 300% in the past 5 years. With this growth in popularity and the increase in the number of races taking place, our floating pontoons are ever more frequently booked to provide swim entry and exit platforms.

Triathlon swim platform

Our pontoons can be built to accommodate the right number of people for your event whether its tens, hundreds or even thousands of people taking part. Our pontoons offer safe, controlled and of course competitive entry to the water; the structure itself gives the start of your triathlon a fantastic focal point.


Our pontoon swim platforms can be configured with sloping exit ramps rising up out of the water making the transition for large numbers of people from water to land much easier, quicker and safer by allowing your participants to simply walk or run out of the water up onto dry land and away on their bikes.


Our system removes the need to dig out banks or have people clambering over walls. The system is cost effective, quick to install, quick to remove and has zero footprint on the environment once removed. Our clients also really appreciate the professional look and feel it lends to the event. Branding is also straightforward.  

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If you think your triathlon or open water swim could benefit from using our pontoons contact the team on 01590 607104 to discuss your requirements. 

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Triathlon Pontoon
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