Technical Overview /Modular Pontoons - Technical Overview

Versatile configuration

Our modular pontoon hire system consists of a wide variety of modules that can be easily and quickly joined together both horizontally and vertically to create virtually any shape or profile imaginable.

Flexible & strong

Manufactured from high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE), the modules are joined at each corner by threaded connectors. This modular system is exceptionally tight and strong, yet flexible enough to suit a variety of installations.

Surface performance

The pontoon surface has an anti-slip pattern and the material offers excellent resistance to UV light and chemicals. It is equally well suited to both fresh and salt water environments. The material is heat resistant, cold resistant and environmentally friendly.

Exceptional buoyancy

Each square metre provides 350KG of buoyancy with a safe working load of 175KG. When made up in a double height platform, the buoyancy doubles. A correctly configured installation will support a tank; the system is safe for temporary bridging and modular pontoons at events where tens of thousands of spectators are passing through.

Tensile strength

A tensile test for a single connecting lug (there are six lugs per float) held at over 600KG at high temperature and over 1000KG at lower temperatures.

Maritime installation

Talk to us about coastal installations; the pontoon system is strong and flexible enough to withstand significant wave action; when configured appropriately, it may even be used to berth ships alongside.

Modular Pontoon Hire
Modular Pontoon Hire
Floating Pontoon Hire have a wide range of fixing systems
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